Petri hintukainen wrote:
> pe, 2009-02-20 kello 22:02 +0200, Alex Betis kirjoitti:
>> The problem is that when this script is run in background (& at the
>> end), the job is shown as "stopped".
>> I've tried to run vdr-sxfe itself in background, it opens the window
>> and the job stops.
>> I know there is a switch that will run it in daemon mode, but that's
>> not that good for the script I want to have.
>> Any ideas what can be wrong or any other ways to run vdr-sxfe from
>> background?
> Try --nokbd option for vdr-sxfe.
> Reading from console suspends application when it is running at
> background.

Seems that this just appeared in CVS, is this also available
in non-announced 1.0.4 version ?

CVS seems to work with vdr-1.7.4, tiny wishlist tho...
- add key for subtitle into file remote.conf.example
- trying to play dvd (Starship Troopers) does not show
   correct subtitles, wanted language is defined in VDR.
   Whats up duck :)

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