Dear readers,

I am planning to set up a low budget VDR using the VGA2SCART patches
[1]. Therefore I need a VGA2SCART cable. The distance between the VDR
and the CRT TV will be probably 5 meters.

There are some howtos on the WWW on how to build a cable yourself [2].
But I am not experienced in soldering, so I have the following

1. Are VGA2SCART cables you can buy also suitable and do you have
experiences what manufactures produce good quality cables?

Searching the WWW I found the following offers but no comparison or
review about the quality.

inakustik claims to have high quality cables.

2. Are there any disadvantages in buying these cables?

a) I would guess, that most of the cables do not have plugs for audio
next to the VGA plug, so that I will need to either use an amplifier or
have to modify the cable and solder some wires to the SCART-plug.

Thanks a lot,


¹ With around 10 € for a 5 meter cable they do not seem to be that much


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