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> I am planning to set up a low budget VDR using the VGA2SCART patches
> [1]. Therefore I need a VGA2SCART cable. The distance between the VDR
> and the CRT TV will be probably 5 meters.
> There are some howtos on the WWW on how to build a cable yourself [2].
> But I am not experienced in soldering, so I have the following
> questions.
> 1. Are VGA2SCART cables you can buy also suitable and do you have
> experiences what manufactures produce good quality cables?

I'm not sure whether C Scheeder is right, but it seems highly likely.
Different cards need diffeernt types of cable. For example ATI and
Matrox cards can both output the necessary composite sync, but they need
slightly diffeernt wiring. Most other cards can't output composite sync
so you need a circuit to combine them.

If you do go ahead and build a cable I'd recommend cutting one end off
an existing VGA cable and using a multimeter to work out which wire is
connected to which pin. Soldering SCART plugs isn't too bad because of
their size, but VGA plugs are very fiddly.

TH * http://www.realh.co.uk

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