Just bought a Hauppauge HVR1300 because of its hw encoder. The idea was 
to convert all my old vhs tapes to digital format. I thought I would use 
it in a windows environment but then I thought why not in linux and in 
VDR. Also I would get one more dvb card in use. I can use it easily as a 
dvb card with vdr but can not get it working with pvrinput. I've googled 
around but still no resolution. It would be neat to use vdr to record 
old tapes and then with burn plugin make dvd's out of them.

I have vdr-1.6.0 with xinelibout and pvrinput plugins. If I try to 
switch to composite "channel" I just get an error stating that the 
channel is not available. I have tried different values for CARD# in 
channels.conf with no luck. I've installed vdr and the plugins using 
synaptic and e-tobi repo. So no compiling except I tried also to get 
latest v4l2 and dvb-apps which ofcourse had to be compiled :)

I can on the other hand use mplayer to watch the signal from composite 

mplayer tv:// -tv input=1 gives me picture in composite w/o encoder
mplayer pvr:// gives me an error stating that /dev/video0 is not capable 
of encoding which of course is the truth
mplayer /dev/video1 shows me again the composite picture and now it is 
using the internal encoder
mencoder /dev/video1 -oac copy -ovc copy -of mpeg -o test.mpg records to 
file as it should

All it seems to say in the logs is that the channel is not available.

Anu suggestions what to try next or is this doomed to be a failure :(


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