Unfortunately I do not read german.

I did take a look at the FAQ but I figured that it has past some time 
since that maybe some evotion has happened :)

So does anyone know if the same applies for analogtv plugin also?


Martin Dauskardt kirjoitti:
> There is basic preparation for a future support in the pvrinput plugin, but 
> it 
> can't work for now.  I know that for sure because I am one of the pvrinput 
> developers. The other developer who worked with the HVR1300 wrote a status 
> report in the german vdrportal recently:
> http://www.vdr-portal.de/board/thread.php?postid=789844#post789844
> There are still problems with the driver (freezes), and (as far as I 
> remember) 
> the current release version of pvrinput would need additional hacks and 
> patches.
> Have a look in the FAQ from the plugin sources:
> Q:
> What about the HVR 1300?
> A:
> support is not finished yet.

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