On Thu, 5 Mar 2009, ua0lnj wrote:

> Sometimes when change channel I can see normal iptv aprox. 3 sec, but after
> still picture again...
> vdr: [5981] changing pids of channel 259 from 501+501=2:502:0:0 to
> 501+501=0:502:0:0
> vdr: [5852] retuning due to modification of channel 259

VDR's PAT/PMT scanner detects changes in pid information usually after a 
few seconds and the channel it retuned as your log states. If you look 
at the change, you'll see that VDR changes the video stream type from 
MPEG2 (2) to an invalid/reserved (0) value. Software decoders might rely 
on that that information and therefore cannot display the video.

As a quick hack, you should disable PAT tables in IPTV's section filter 
(or disable channel updates in VDR) and manually edit the channel entry 
to use a correct video stream type (501+501=2).

Now, the real question is why the video stream type is marked as zero in 
your streams: a bug in vdr, a bug in iptv plugin, or some kind of 
attempt from your provider to allow only their proprietary hardware? If 
it's the latter one, you could try simply to make VDR detect stream type 
0 as a MPEG2 (0x02) or H264 (0x1B) stream in pat.c, although I cannot 
see how you could end up with non-zero video pid with zeroed video type 
in current VDR code base. Are you using any other VDR patches than the 

You could always provide us a stream dump for further analyzing:
$ emcast > dump.ts


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