My suggestions....
1. My iptv provider streams many channels with identical pids, and vdr not 
very love such channels :-)
If in sidscanner.c chandge
cChannel *IptvChannel = Channels.GetByChannelID(channel.GetChannelID());
cChannel *IptvChannel = Channels.GetByServiceID(Source(), Transponder(), 
vdr iptv plugin can work with duplicate pids channel more correct.

May be is a other way.....

2. My iptv provider retranslate sat channels in iptv, after decrypting, but 
not remove CA Descriptor from stream.
And when I enable "use section filtering" and not disable PAT my iptv 
channels geting CA descriptor and vdr can't display this channels.
Be a fine have option for disable use CA Descriptor in iptv, or vdr can be 
ignore it.

Thank you.

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> On Sat, 7 Mar 2009, ua0lnj wrote:
>> If I change in pidscanner.c
>> I can see all channels.
> Thanks. That is a bug in the current pid scanner and will be corrected
> in the next version.
>> What is a stream type = 47 ??!
> IIRC, it's a reserved area.
>> Who must change stream type to actual, vdr or iptv plugin?
> VDR. However, if the IPTV stream doesn't contain correct PAT sections,
> the pid scanner should be enabled in the IPTV plugin to do a basic video
> and audio pid detection.
>> I can send a ts dump, how long and what mail?
> I guess there's no need for that anymore.
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