On Sat, 7 Mar 2009, ua0lnj wrote:

> My suggestions....
> 1. My iptv provider streams many channels with identical pids, and vdr not
> very love such channels :-)
> If in sidscanner.c chandge
> cChannel *IptvChannel = Channels.GetByChannelID(channel.GetChannelID());
> to
> cChannel *IptvChannel = Channels.GetByServiceID(Source(), Transponder(),
> assoc.getServiceId());
> vdr iptv plugin can work with duplicate pids channel more correct.

This might have some unwanted negative effects on certain situations. 
I'll need to think about it.

> 2. My iptv provider retranslate sat channels in iptv, after decrypting, but
> not remove CA Descriptor from stream.
> And when I enable "use section filtering" and not disable PAT my iptv
> channels geting CA descriptor and vdr can't display this channels.
> Be a fine have option for disable use CA Descriptor in iptv, or vdr can be
> ignore it.

You'll need to patch VDR for this: comment the "Channel->SetCaIds()" 
line at the end of pat.c. This affects all channels, so you might want 
to still keep the CA updates for normal channels: "if 
(!Channel->IsPlugin()) Channel->SetCaIds()". Remember to clear out the 
CA field in channels.conf after the change.


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