I need some advise on routes to look into on the subject.

First, thank you Klaus and all for a great PVR. I have tried a lot of 
others like Myth, MediaPortal, GBPVR etc, but the silent menusystems are 
hopelessly inferior to having all menus on OSD. Me and my family have 
used VDR for 2+ years now and we are all happy with it.

I am not bleeding edge VDR with DVB-T in Sweden being SDTV and we have 
only one TV-set although I'm running client/server xineliboutpout with a 
  dedicated frontend machine.

I bought myself a PCH with the idea of using it instead of my PC VDR 

With some effort and googling I got xineliboutputs vdr-fbfe (with 
xinelib et.al) cross compiled and runnable on the PCH.

However AFAIK, the directfb usage in xinelib is based on pixelmaps 
written to a dfb surface, all mpeg decode is done in software, this is 
suboptimal on the PCH along with sound being a problem. Running vdr-fbfe 
on PCH says 'DFBGetSurface() not supported' and exits.

It seems people have looked into streamdev instead. I like my VDR OSD 
though on the TV-set, am I wrong in believing that is a nono with streamdev?

Now PCH has an 'IAdvancedMediaProvider' extension to directfb seemingly 
allowing the mpeg-stream to be sent directly to the hardware, thereby 
including both video and audio, it is sadly not fully documented in the 
headers released by Syabas...

The most promising option as I see it is to slash down vdr-fbfe to only 
display the 'osd_command' data on a PCH DFB layer without video 
capability and stream 'normally' to PCH using ideally the xineliboutputs 
servers ability to supply for example an http stream. The hope being 
that the 'vdr-fbfe' application can access directfb concurrently and 
have the OSD displayed ontop of the video layer.

Before I dig deeper into this I would like to ask the community what has 
been tried and what routes do you see as most viable?

I know of some other PCH frontend software for GBPVR Myth, ie vomp and 
mvcpmx(?) but they seem to return me to the world of silent menus, not a 
place I want to be.


Johan Andersson, j...@jna.pp.se

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