On 04/09/09 09:25, Niels Wagenaar wrote:
> Op Do, 9 april, 2009 08:29, schreef Matthias Becker:
>>> According to my information (a message on the linux-dvb mailinglist),
>>> the
>>> old mailinglists (V4L and DVB) are now merged into linux-media.
>> what does "merged" mean? Are Posts on the "old" list
>> replicated to the new one?
> No. Merge as in combined to one and/or a replacement for the old V4L/DVB
> mailinglists. Messages send to the 'old' mailinglists will not automaticly
> be available on the linux-media mailinglist. That is, if you don't count a
> CC as a replication method ;-)

Well, so what is the preferred method of making the DVB driver developers
aware of bugs, if one doesn't want to suffer from all the traffic on the
linux-media list?

I did initially subscribe to that list, but after a few days I unsubscribed
again, because there was way too much non DVB related stuff there.

As for VDR, I'll probably just add a note to the INSTALL file, saying
that the DVB driver header files are broken and should be patched or
replaced with an older version.


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