Tobi wrote:

> I've forwarded the header issue to linux-media. If there will be any
> answers / comments about it, I'll keep you informed.

Seems this is more of a general issue. As I digged a little bit deeper, I
saw, that the root of all evil is a clash between glibc's stdint.h and
linux/types.h (the latter defines some POSIX types defined in stdint.h as
well, which wasn't the case for asm/types.h).

I'm not sure yet, if this is a glibc or a kernel issue, but I'll file a
bug report as soon as I know.

As for the problem Reinhard Nissl reported for the missing 'uint16_t' in
linux/dvb/audio.h - I can't reproduce this problem. Not with 2.6.29 and
not with the latest driver from


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