Georg Acher schrieb:
> The thing is not yet available, so the current SVN doesn't contain most of
> the new code. But in general it uses the same "reel"vdr-base as the
> Avantgarde (just with a different output plugin for the SoC). The live TV
> streaming is not done by the vdr on the Avantgarde, but directly via
> IPv6-multicast by the NetCeiver-hardware. This is the same way the
> Avantgarde gets its data, so the NetCeiver traffic is just bridged into the
> LAN for other clients.
I have no netceiver to play with and didn't look at the sources. But 
it's nice to see a real world use for IPv6 in consumer hardware (if you 
can call the reel boxes consumer hardware, it's probably only for a 
limited, but sophisticated market.
Does it just use a fixed multicast-address to receive the stream and if 
yes, how is the communication to the tuner realized? Is this something 
reel-specific or could this be used to start a unified streaming-concept 
for vdr based on standards (and using IPv6 to avoid all that ugly IPv4 

A very interested Matthias

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