Georg Acher wrote:
> For the client side, the sources will be published as GPL. Currently we use
> a closed source daemon with a dvb loopback driver in the kernel, but that
> makes it hard to fully use the tuner virtualization and costs some overhead
> for small CPUs. Since we already have a native vdr plugin for that, the
> network code will be then forced to be GPL anyway ;-)

Hi Georg.

Since there currently isn't v4l looback driver in mainline kernel, I suggest 
take part on this ongoing discussion at linux-media mailing list:

As you can see, Mauro was going to add that loopback driver on v4l as 
out-of-tree driver. For end-user it would be a lot easier if your loopback 
implementation would be integrated on that driver and added to upstream kernel 
tree :)


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