Matthias Schwarzott schrieb:

> On Montag, 13. April 2009, Steffen Barszus wrote:
>> Hi all!
> Hi!
>> is there any way to let vdr ignore any directories which do not belong
>> to it ?
>> What i have seen is that vdr is recursive checking all directories even
>> on second and third video directory.
>> If the logic is that all needs to be in video.0 directory and its
>> subdirectories and symlinks will be required to let vdr find the
>> recordings, it should not check the other video directories.
> [deleted some text that did not made sense to me]
i did a mount --bind /proc proc/ in video.01 resulting  in vdr searching 
the proc filesystem resulting in plenty of error messages to the log (no 
permission etc) which filled up the log, which in turn filled up my root 
filesystem with within 15 min or so.

I have a directory containing a chroot env. not readable by vdr - except 
i forgot to unmount the proc in time.
>> Think there might be others as well that are using the big disks for
>> other space consuming things - nobody else run into this ?
> I don't understand why people do put other stuff into vdr video directories?
> If I want to have video directory and a directory containing iso images why 
> not do
> mkdir video
> mkdir iso
> and put the stuff there?
That doesn't help.
/dev/hda1             3,4G  1,4G  1,8G  44% / (microdrive which is 
containing video.00, with symlinks, index etc)
/dev/sdb1             932G  929G  3,3G 100% /var/lib/video.01
/dev/sda1             932G  600G  333G  65% /var/lib/video.02

bindmount only works properly in newer kernels. Still on 2.6.24. If you 
have an idea of how to use the big harddisks for something else without 
preallocating space for other tasks (i.e. partitioning), i would be 
happy to hear. I'm pretty aware that this might not be good idea to do 
things like i did. On the other hand i think what vdr does is a bad idea 
and unnecessary. period.
> Still I support the opinion that vdr should not silently delete files it does 
> not know.

vdr is not deleting files it does not know. Its only deleting empty 
directories in its video directories.


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