> On 20.04.2009 10:56, Peter Dittmann wrote:
> > A simple use case:
> > * standalone settop box with VDR and DVD recording capability
> > * OS gets a seperate small partition
> > * /videoX get the big rest
> To add some more variations to the same solution the others already 
> mentioned:
> - Mount your big disk to /mnt/data
> - Put video to /mnt/data/video
> - either:
>    - pass /mnt/data/video directly to VDR
>    - put a symlink from /video to /mnt/data/video
>    - bind-mount /mnt/data/video to /video
> All theee solutions work without any trouble, and there's plenty of 
> other space on /mnt/data available.
> @Klaus:
> Since many people seem to miss this obvious solution, maybe you should 
> add this as example to the documentation?

Not only that.
Most people start from some kind of distribution.
However it seems to have developed into a kind of standard to mount the 
video partitions directly.
E.g. ctvdr/debian uses (I think ...) /var/vdr/videoX directly to mount the 
Strange as it finally uses symlinks to create the /videoX. So change would 
be very small indeed. 

Althought the suggestions seems sensible and simple non of the 
distributions have currently been thinking about this issue ...
Seems like this hasn't been that obvious, so thanks for suggesting it ;-)


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