I'm in a half way stage with VDR and h264.  I didn't want the multipro
drivers, but wanted to get a few HD channels working with vdpau.

I have VDR working with BBC HD almost, and Sky HD +24 and a few others,
however, BBC doesn't seem to display properly, as well as having
problems with the audio selection.  It looks like it has macrovision
protection or something like that.. (Using vdr-sxfe and xine-libs with
h264 support).

As I said, other channels seem to work.  I would try ITV HD but there's
never anything on...

Any tips?

(In xxmc it sort of works, but jumps as it doesn't seem to have the guts
to play the source.)

VDR 1.6.0 with h264 patch.

BBC HD works with streamdev :3000/TS/channel info.. on vlc.

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