En/na Rob Davis ha escrit:

> I tried the turning off dolby digital and I get the Narrative track ok, 
> but I still get corruption on vdpau.  It's like vertical banding, 

I my case the bands are horizontal

> reminiscent of trying to copy a video with macrovision.  My pc doesn't 
> display it well enough on xxmc, (I have an 8400 which should be fast 
> enough with a quad core phenom, but it doesn't want to do it..)
> I am using a VGA output, maybe it will work if I used a DVI one?  Maybe 
> it is HDCP protection?

I doubt it. I think it's simply a case of vdpau not working properly, or 
some magic setting that has to be tweaked (I had really funky colors 
until I reset the hue,saturation and contrast by editing .xine/config, 
no way to correctly adjust them from insinde xine).
FWIW I'm using the laptop display (which has 1680x1050 resolution, so 
there's a bit of scaling involved from 1440x1080).


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