On Mon, Apr 20, 2009 at 4:55 PM, Rob Davis <r...@davis-family.info> wrote:
> I have VDR working with BBC HD almost, and Sky HD +24 and a few others,
> however, BBC doesn't seem to display properly, as well as having
> problems with the audio selection.  It looks like it has macrovision
> protection or something like that.. (Using vdr-sxfe and xine-libs with
> h264 support).
> As I said, other channels seem to work.  I would try ITV HD but there's
> never anything on...
> Any tips?

There is a bug in the broadcast of BBCHD (on Astra 28.2E, this problem
doesn't occur on 1W) as the audio descriptor is wrong for the AC3
stream. This doesn't seem to cause problems with any other receiver
now apart from VDR. I have mailed the BBC twice, and they say they are
going to fix it at their "next technology refresh" as they don't want
to be uncompliant with the DVB standards but they haven't done this
since my first mail in December so don't expect anything soon.

If you turn Dolby Digital off in the VDR DVB menu then it will play
only the MPA track and the picture will then work fine in VDR.
However, unfortunately this track also comes with audio description
which can be pretty annoying if you're not visually impaired!

It would be nice to see BBC HD again with VDR - if someone could give
some pointers on how we might be able to fix it (see my earlier mail
to this list on the subject with more technical details) I would work
on a patch for those who are interested. But right now, I don't know
where to start (I'm a hacker not a coder).



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