On Mon, 27 Apr 2009, Senufo wrote:

> I found the error. With IPTV you must define the type of stream in 
> channels.conf
> In my channels.conf I wrote

No, yo don't have to. The IPTV plugin has section filters implemented 
(if don't disable/blacklist them in setup options!). They seem to work 
in your setup too, but, please, correct me if your channel 39 isn't 
France 2. A snip from your first post.:

> France 2;IPTV:2:IPTV|S0P0|UDP||8200:P:0:1201=2:1301:0:0:1:0:0:0
> changing pids of channel 39 from 0+0=2:0:0:0 to 1210+1210=27:1310=fra:0:0

If the channel 39 really is the France 2, so question still remain, why 
the VDR's video type detection fails on TF1 as the mplayer do it rigth. 
You could provide a small video sample recording the multicast stream 
with i.e. emcast.



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