Artem Makhutov wrote:
> I am not sure about this. Have you tried to force a differnet resolution with 
> a modline?
I'm doing that at the moment but I lost the feature of making slightly 
underscanned desktop to compensate the overscan of this old HD Ready TV. 
I'm able to get a smaller resolution but it's shifted towards upper left 
corner and I'm not sure if vertical and horizontal shift is possible 
without loosing sync. Xvidtune refused to alter the mode parameters.

With an old nvidia driver that scaled to closest back-end resolution 
(visible in nvidia-settings utility) in EDID I could this way make a 
centered non-scaled underscanned desktop that fitted about exactly the 
1366x768 display. But now this scaling happens compared to EDID 
resolution that is reported as native (1080i60 I think) and the trick 
doesn't work. The result is a stamp sized flickering picture :^(

Nvidia didn't respond at their forum.


> Regards, Artem
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