On Wed, 29 Apr 2009 22:27:00 +0300, Seppo Ingalsuo <seppo.ingal...@iki.fi>
> Jan Ekholm wrote:
>> So xineliboutput can't be what budget card people use, so I guess it's
>> time to
>> test vdr-xine. My initial gut feeling is that VDR isn't meant for X11
>> output
>> at all, and it just happens to be possible to kludge it somehow. 
> Bad luck? Obsolete xine libraries? I'm running three vdr-sxfe clients at 
> home with nice 50 Hz progressive 720p/1080p output to DVI with close to 
> perfect vertical blanking sync (or in other words the horizontal text 
> scrolls are smooth and sharp). I didn't get that working with on-board 
> AMD780G graphics in my newest PC but a cheapo Nvidia card fixed that. 
> Now I'm looking forward to eventually switch to VDPAU.
> BR,
> Seppo
How did you get the smooth scrolling, mine is jerky?  I have on board
nvidia HDMI connected to a plasma.  I have a 50 Hz setting in xorg.conf and
the Xorg.0.log and nvidia-settings both report a 50hz rate, the TV however
reports 60 Hz so may be down to a duff TV (Samsung).


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