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marti...@embl.de schrieb:
> Well, keeping the remote control away from my kids is not easy unless I han
> g it
> from the ceiling.
> Is there some way I can disable live tv pausing all together?
> It is causing a lot of trouble and I don´t reallly need that feature...

I really don't understand the whole discussion that is going on here.

This behavior is intented.
Pressing "pause" in Live-View starts a recording and pauses it. This is
a great feature and I really would miss that!

If you don't want it, you just have to skip the learning of the pause
key (or remove it from remote.conf).
You can always pause recordings with the "down"-key, so you just don't
need the "extra-pause-key".

Please, please RTFM. It is all written in the manual, that comes with
VDR. Read the manual before complaining.

There is NO NEED for a patch, an option or anything else. Really! ;)

Btw. I have a son, too. He is 2 years old and I have no problem with
him, my remote or my VDR ...

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