Well honestly I'm confused. I use vdr 1.6 and when I press down or up
it changes channel only. My vdr never pauses live tv. Mind you I don't
have a pause key either and neither defined. So perhaps this is the
way to for him.

On 5/6/09, Frank Scherthan <t.a.r....@gmx.de> wrote:
> Hi there :)
> marti...@embl.de schrieb:
>> Well, keeping the remote control away from my kids is not easy unless I
>> han
>> g it
>> from the ceiling.
>> Is there some way I can disable live tv pausing all together?
>> It is causing a lot of trouble and I don´t reallly need that feature...
> I really don't understand the whole discussion that is going on here.
> This behavior is intented.
> Pressing "pause" in Live-View starts a recording and pauses it. This is
> a great feature and I really would miss that!
> If you don't want it, you just have to skip the learning of the pause
> key (or remove it from remote.conf).
> You can always pause recordings with the "down"-key, so you just don't
> need the "extra-pause-key".
> Please, please RTFM. It is all written in the manual, that comes with
> VDR. Read the manual before complaining.
> There is NO NEED for a patch, an option or anything else. Really! ;)
> Btw. I have a son, too. He is 2 years old and I have no problem with
> him, my remote or my VDR ...
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