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Theunis Potgieter schrieb:
> Well honestly I'm confused. I use vdr 1.6 and when I press down or up
> it changes channel only. My vdr never pauses live tv. Mind you I don't
> have a pause key either and neither defined. So perhaps this is the
> way to for him.

Why didn't you just read the manual?
It is all there! :) It is really great!

The point is: keys do different things in differnet environments.

In liveview, the "down"- key decreases channel by 1
in replay-mode the "down"-key pauses the recording.

If you define a pause-key, than this key pauses in replay-mode.
In live-view it creates an instant-recording, that is replayed and paused.

Before anyone posts to this topic, would you please read the manual?

I think this whole thread would not exist, if anyone would have read the
manual ;)

btw. the manual comes with every copy of VDR and can be read via web in
the WIKI:

Frank, who read the manual ;)

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