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> If you don't want VDR to "record" when pause is pressed, how do you
> expect to resume play from the point at which you pressed pause?

I'm talking about what the users sees, not what VDR does behind the scenes.

> Next, you _do_ have the option to delete these pause/instant recordings,
> you just go into the recording menu and do it.

This exposes an implementation detail to the user. Any computer-illiterate
user would not understand this.

VDR doesn't just assume you'd like to discard it, as it shouldn't.

This might be what you expect would happen, since you know how VDR works
behind the scenes.

Users who want pause-recordings deleted automatically complain that
> they're not.  Users who want to manage this themselves will complain
> if they are.  Maybe there's some middle ground where the user can
> choose which behavior he prefers, and takes minimal effort to
> implement.  After talking to some users about this subject, it seems
> most would actually prefer live tv caching as an option.

Having an option to auto delete live recordings, or asking the user to press
record to save said recording, would probably resolve this issue.

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