I agree wholeheartedly with Malcolm Caldwell.

I have also read the manual (last night again to be precise)
and still think the handling of the pause key is far from ideal.

I think Timo's patch would be great.

Nothing changes for those who think the current system is 100% perfect
and two other settings for those who think otherwise

- pause live video (default)
- do not pause live video
- confirm pause live video (this is what I would choose myself)

Klaus, any chance this can make it to VDR 1.7.8 mainstream?

Better than having a remote for me and another one for my wife and kids, or
keeping my remote control in a safe or 'educating my little brats' or any other
of those suggestions that invariably translate as 'Everything is fine with VDR's
pause key and the problem is only with the user'

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