Ales Jurik wrote:
> On Thursday 28 of May 2009, Luca Olivetti wrote:
>> En/na VDR User ha escrit:
>>> On Thu, May 28, 2009 at 7:50 AM, Josce <> wrote:
>>>> Reelbox plugin still occasionally freezes, but so it has always done.
>>>> The reelbox plugin is of course a joke and I deeply regret buying the
>>>> card from Reel-Multimedia. Hopefully the VDPAU is more promising.
>>> Sorry for OT but just wanted to note that I and many other users I
>>> know are using VDPAU now and it works great.  I believe the devs are
>>> preparing to submit a patch to Darren Salt so it may become a part of
>>> vanilla xine-lib.  A huge thanks to the devs for their work!
>> OTOH with my setup it works poorly (artifacts, banding, freezing,
>> changes in color, etc.) and I'm not the only one, so I'm not sure vdpau
>> support is mature enough for inclusion in xine-lib.
>> Bye
> I've installed 2 eHD's. Working for hours daily without problems, but huge 
> patching of vdr and reelbox plugin (and skinreel3 plugin) is necessary.
> Try to look at - there is script 
> and 
> patches, also some howto's - but in Czech. It was written for vdr-1.7.5, but 
> I'm now using it with vdr-1.7.7 without problems.

When I opened the link and tried to download the script some other
page opened up that wanted me to do something. Sadly I don't know what.
A howto in Czech is totally useless to me. I really can't understand a word of 
(No offense to the Czech's, I don't think a howto in Finnish would
be terribly helpfull for someone from the Czech republic ...)

But if the script is the same as I found at
it will not help, because it didn't work for me.



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