Pasi Kärkkäinen wrote:
> Nice.
> How's the deinterlacing quality? 
The 576i movement is smoother (not frame rate but the lowpass effect) 
than with GreedyH/GreedyL deinterlacers I  used with software decoding. 
Greedy deinterlacers did show show jaggies sometimes so I'd say it's 
generally better.  My viewing size for VDPAU are 46" and 32". Projector 
users may prefer a sharper picture perhaps? I haven't tried 1080i stuff 
so I can't comment that.

The only problem with deinterlacing is that paused picture in vdr 
sometimes looks like not deinterlaced. There could be comb effect in 
entire screen or perhaps just one line.

My graphics cards are GS8400. I wonder if there are different 
deinterlacers around in different nvidia generations?


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