Op Zo, 31 mei, 2009 11:47, schreef Magnus Hörlin:
> Seppo Ingalsuo wrote:
> I have to agree that the vdpau deinterlacers are better than the tvtime
> ones, including the temporal only deinterlacer that is used for 1080i.
> But it is as you say a little annoying that paused images are not
> deinterlaced. I use the ION platform with 9400M.
> /Magnus H

Yes, the deinterlacer works much nicer in combination with VDPAU. But with
VDPAU I have two issues and this is why I haven't upgraded to VDPAU
completely as off yet:

1. The maximum usage through VDPAU is in my case an additional 50W
(compared to the ExtensionHD with a maximum of 10W) because I've got a
PCI-e based videocard;
2. Using plugins like vdr-xine and/or xineliboutput you have buffering
time which is annoying for zap speeds on encrypted channels.

Currently I use the Reel-VDR fork and it seems to work quite nicely. And
it doesn't require many patches to get it working, only some S2API based


Niels Wagenaar

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