On 21.06.2009 17:08, Klaus Schmidinger wrote:
> On 17.06.2009 19:03, J.W. wrote:
>> I thought you could just release vdr-1.6.1 with the patches you have
>> already published (maybe with additional dvb_api patch) . Are there more
>> bugfixes planed?
> I released VDR 1.6.0 only because several people wanted to have
> a stable release just before switching to the DVB-S2 API.
> Sure, I could release a 1.6.1 now, but that would be exactly the
> same as 1.6.0 plus the two patches 1.6.0-1 and 1.6.0-2.
> But would that actually be a big help? There's already quite
> some backporting of version 1.7.x stuff going on...
> I guess I'm going to concentrate entirely on version 1.7.x.

Hmmm, this could also be a great opportunity: Why not nominate someone 
as the official maintainer of the 1.6 stable branch? Someone who 
collects or back-ports fixes and smaller enhancements to the 1.6 branch, 
and does minor releases based on community feedback?

Of course this should be limited to small changes, and should not 
include patches that aren't even in the 1.7 line, to avoid splitting up 
the development. We don't want to end with two feature-incompatible 
versions of VDR. But there are enough small changes and enhancements in 
1.7 that could also be ported to 1.6 without breaking stability and 

This would also be a small but fine step towards a more community-driven 
development of VDR, and a good test whether something like this would 
work for VDR development in general.



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