On 25.06.2009 21:55, Ville Skyttä wrote:
>> Hmmm, this could also be a great opportunity: Why not nominate someone
>> as the official maintainer of the 1.6 stable branch? Someone who
>> collects or back-ports fixes and smaller enhancements to the 1.6 branch,
>> and does minor releases based on community feedback?
> Yes, please!  Udo, are you volunteering? ;)

Thanks for the confidence in me, but actually, I would prefer not to.

I already don't have enough spare time to keep up with my existing 
projects. And I wanted to focus on moving towards 1.7.x, which is not 
feature-complete from my point of view now.

This doesn't mean that I wouldn't help out in keeping 1.6.x up to date. 
But I simply cannot promise to have the necessary time.

1.6.x stable should be maintained by someone who really uses it in the 
future, to keep an eye on stability, and who has at least the time to 
keep tings from stalling for months.



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