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since vdr-1.7.3, VDR is compiled with the additional arguments
Plugins should be compiled with the same arguments as otherwise one might get
unresolved symbols when loading the plugin. Consistently, in vdr-1.7.4 these
defines have been added to the plugin part of Make.config.template. But that
won't fix anything for the people who don't use a Make.config at all (those
who do, need to check if something has changed in the template when updating).
How could this problem be solved conveniently?

I'd opt for copying Make.config.template to Make.config if no Make.config
exists yet. A good place to do this would be in "make include-dir". The
documentation and UPDATE files should remind those who copy Make.config from
an older release to fit in necessary changes.

Other options:
* Additional file to include by VDR and plugin Makefiles with such "mandatory"
defines - this somewhat contradicts the idea of Make.config.

* In the Makefile of each affected plugin, check for the presence of
Make.config. If it's missing, check the VDR version and if required, add the
defines - naah!


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