On 28.10.2009 20:44, Udo Richter wrote:
> On 28.10.2009 09:01, Andreas Mair wrote:
>> I wonder why no other plugin authors shared there opinion and how they
>> fix it. As I understand it every plugin must be changed whenever VDR
>> introduces changes in that area and if the VDR compiling user doesn't
>> use (and adopt)  Make.config.
> I guess this one got lost in the summer break...
> My preferred solution to this would be if all plugins would include some
> global configuration into their makefiles for setting global default
> parameters for VDR and plugins. The best order would be to call such a
> Make.global before calling an existing Make.config, so that Make.config
> can still override these rules.
> Until then, the only way is to add some version dependent defines before
> calling Make.config.

At some point in the past I said that I won't interfere with that whole
Makefile, Make.config, Make.whatever stuff any more, because whatever
we change, there will likely be somebody who wants it different ;-)

So if you agree on a patch, just send it.

> By the way: The current newplugin script also doesn't add largefile
> defines in case that no Make.config exists.

Added for version 1.7.11.


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