On Tue, 2009-08-11 at 09:35 +1200, Alex Fazzari wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm setting up VDR using xbmc as a frontend as described here:
> http://xbmc.org/forum/showthread.php?t=45314&highlight=audio
> I've got live streaming working well but have an issue with recordings
> where no audio comes through.
> I am using mirak's VDR 1.7.7 from the repository here:
> https://launchpad.net/~mirak-mirak/+ppa-packages
> Could this have something to to do with the audio used for NZ tv which
> broadcasts in LATM encapsulated AAC? I'm not sure why the streamed
> live tv would work fine and the recordings don't though.
> Any pointers much appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Alex
Anything in the xbmc log?

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