On Thu, Aug 13, 2009 at 2:35 PM, Gavin Hamill<g...@acentral.co.uk> wrote:
> My current vdr-1.4.7 (compiled 2 years ago as of tomorrow!) is still
> serving me well.. I have a Technotrend FF DVB-C doing all the heavy
> lifting, but as time moves on and HD content becomes more prevalent, I'm
> thinking of moving up.
> Right now I have an EPIA 800MHz quiet PC with the Technotrend giving me
> lovely SCART RGB out... if I got a nice LCD TV, what setup would be
> ideal for driving the HDMI input?
> Most of the content is still SD, and I am a real pedant about smooth
> video / interlaced output for scrolling text / live sports. Any time
> that I've played with vdr-xine or xineliboutput over my years with VDR,
> it's always been a bit juddery due to VGA timing not matching up with
> the TV.. is that improved any in the world of HD / HDMI?

I have a few VDR boxes and all of them now are using Nvidia cards and
vdpau.  I output the audio/video to my nice fancy tv with DVI->HDMI
cables.  It works great.  I'm not sure what you're really asking
though when you say what setup is ideal.  That completely depends on
_your_ needs & wants but the only people I know with 'juddery'
playback only experience it because the video card they have doesn't
really have enough horsepower for the higher end hd content.  Which
could be solved by simply buying a different inexpensive video card.

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