Occasionally one of the CAMs seems to "crash" and if I go into Setup >
CAM one of the CAMs changes from "Alphacrypt" to "CAM Ready" - and will
no longer decrypt channels.  I then correspondingly get a bunch of timer
conflicts, as 1/2 my CAM resources have vanished.  Only ever one CAM
fails, never both.

I rectify this by selecting the CAM, and then hitting "reset" (sometimes
a couple of times) - and it comes back.

Unless I go into the Setup > CAM menu, I'm unaware that the CAM has

My request is......
Is there a way I can either
1)Automatically reset a CAM if it falls into this state


2)Be notified, by generating a console/kernel message, so I can know to
come in and fix this.

Any ideas?

I would prefer alternative 3: find out why the CAM "crashes" and fix that ;-)


I was afraid that might be the suggestion!

It seems pretty random when the CAM will crash. It is possible it's only on certain channels, and only one of the CAMs - it only happens very rarely....

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