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> Skickat: den 18 augusti 2009 15:00
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> Ämne: [vdr] HD clients for vdr
> I recently saw the popcornhour and the HD demo on the popcorn wasn't
> what I expected. It felt like the early adopters of the first DVD
> players that came out. It was more jittery than a Blu-Ray disk on a
> PS3. So now I am wondering, what is the best silent/cheap client out
> there? That actually does 100% smooth playback like a normal DVD
> except at HD resolution/video bandwidth? Are there popcorn
> alternatives? Or is the best now to get a nvidia 9400/9500 to do video
> decode acceleration with a Core 2 Duo type processor of about 3GHz?
> What are you opinion?
> Theunis
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Hi. My opinion is that nvidia's ION platform with vdpau and XBMC gives the best 
result. The atom's cpu load is <10% playing 1080p h264 so forget the 3GHz core2 
unless you want to play Flash HD movies or other non-vdpau formats.
It's not very cheap yet but you can build a fanless one for €200. For example a 
http://www.cartft.com/catalog/il/1072 together with 2G ram and a pico-psu.
/Magnus H

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