Anssi Hannula wrote:
Magnus Hörlin wrote:
Hi. My opinion is that nvidia's ION platform with vdpau and XBMC gives the best 
result. The atom's cpu load is <10% playing 1080p h264 so forget the 3GHz core2 
unless you want to play Flash HD movies or other non-vdpau formats.

Isn't Flash HD content usually encoded in H.264? That's the case in
youtube, at least, and the clips play fine using vdpau decoding in mplayer.

It's not very cheap yet but you can build a fanless one for €200. For example a together with 2G ram and a pico-psu.

Just got my ION A up and running as a NAS. Quite a bit of overkill there as all I need are the SATA and LAN connectors, plus VGA+KBD to get everything set up.

Both fans running at 7v (Case and CPU) and it is pretty quiet. Not sure about running the ION A fanless though.

So I will turn that board into my HD client for VDR as soon as I get a board more suited to be a NAS.

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