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>> For a more thorough answer, have a look at the mythtv mailing lists.
> That's all and well but you should be slapped for that last sentence.

Ah, yes :), here's a couple of non mythtv references;


In my experience, you just have to do deinterlacing in vdpau with
interlaced content, even when displaying on an interlaced display. If
you try to output interlaced material directly, you get ghosting since
the weaved frames are copied to the progressive surface, and the
output resolution might be different than the weave pattern.

It's a shame they didn't get it right when they implemented interlaced
support in this framework.

Spatial termporal deinterlacing is the best one, so get a 9500gt at a
minimum, and forget about vc-1 decoding until there is actually a
working open source bluray player.


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