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Magnus Hörlin wrote:
 > Hi. My opinion is that nvidia's ION platform with vdpau and XBMC gives the best 
result. The atom's cpu load is <10% playing 1080p h264 so forget the 3GHz core2 
unless you want to play Flash HD movies or other non-vdpau formats.

Isn't Flash HD content usually encoded in H.264? That's the case in
 youtube, at least, and the clips play fine using vdpau decoding in mplayer.

 > It's not very cheap yet but you can build a fanless one for €200. For 
example a together with 2G ram and a 


Anssi Hannula
What GPU does the nvidia ION A type board have? Wikipedia lists it as
NVIDIA PureVideo HD. And if you look that up on wikipedia then it
could be any of the GPUs

Ideally you would like to have the 9400/9500 type GPU that can do both
h264 and VC1.

Initially you might think you do, since you'd like to playback bluray
material in the future. But in fact, most of the time you'd be
displaying h.264 from HDTV transmissions, and deinterlacing it, if
it's 1080i. Not all the different GPUs can do the advanced (temporal)
deinterlacing for 1080i material.

In most cases, a 9500gt is the better choice, since it can do just
that, even though it doesn't support VC-1 decoding in hardware, while
a 8400gs can do that, but not deinterlace it.

For a more thorough answer, have a look at the mythtv mailing lists.
Well, my ION board with 9400m does temporal deinterlacing of 1080i HDTV just fine in xbmc. The question was about the best silent solution and a computer with just an Atom and a 9400 requires a lot less cooling than something with a discrete graphics card.
/Magnus H

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