I've just upgraded from vdr-xine 0.8.0 to 0.9.3 (well overdue) and I'm having audio problems.

When each of the following lines appeared in std-out, it coincides with skips in audio and gaps in audio sync

buffered 6.3 frames (v:10.9, a:6.3)
buffered 7.1 frames (v:13.5, a:7.1)
buffered 8.5 frames (v:14.5, a:8.5)
buffered 9.1 frames (v:15.1, a:9.1)
buffered 10.3 frames (v:16.7, a:10.3)
buffered 11.1 frames (v:17.3, a:11.1)
buffered 12.2 frames (v:18.8, a:12.2)
buffered 13.5 frames (v:19.7, a:13.5)
buffered 14.1 frames (v:20.2, a:14.1)
buffered 15.4 frames (v:21.0, a:15.4)

I might have to revert back to vdr-xine-0.8.0 again - this was the same problem I had with all versions beyond 0.8.0, and previous attempts to upgrade

Any ideas?

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