Any suggestions on this??

Please tell vdr-xine settings regarding buffering and try to
change the buffer settings in .xine/config to huge values as
mentioned in MANUAL.


I've been playing around with these values and have discovered the following (I only have SD channels - none HD) when replaying recordings.

Setting engine.buffers.audio_num_buffers to 2300 (10x default) does help with the skips in audio - where under the default value (230) I intermittantly get 2-3 second jumps in audio.

#engine.buffers.video_num_buffers is left at the default of 500. If I set this any higher, fast forwarding or rewinding causes the video to jump about 90 seconds.

engine.buffers.video_num_frames (default 15) I've had to set to 60. Anything less than this seems to make the video jump 2-3 seconds, in line with the audio_num_buffers described above. With this set to 60, there's no lost audio but video/audio still gets out of sync, and it gets worse and worse for 20 seconds then the audio stops and the video catches up. Also with anything <60, I get PPPPPPPP on the vdr console when replaying recordings.

My question is - this version of vdr-xine, and every version since 0.8.1, gives me these audio and video problems. Under version 0.8.0 I have none of these problems at all. The only reason I'm trying to upgrade is because 0.8.0 is now so old.

Any ideas??

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