2009/10/24 Theunis Potgieter <theunis.potgie...@gmail.com>:
> So far getting vdpau to work on Gentoo wasn't that difficult.
> Overlay vdr-xine was used and then emerged xine-lib-1.2 to bring the
> library up to speed. After that I pulled vdr-xineliboutput from cvs.
> Compiled and it worked great especially deinterlacing! Only jaw
> dropping experience there.
> I have before got accustomed to using the cropping feature from
> vdr-xineliboutput plugin. Crop converts a 4:3 input to 16:9 format. In
> the README it states:
>  All video scaling, cropping, and postprocessing options must be disabled
>  if the VDPAU output device is used.
>  De-interlacing can be enabled with command-line option --post tvtime:
>  Examples:
>    vdr-sxfe --video vdpau --post tvtime:method=use_vo_driver
>    vdr -P"xineliboutput --video=vdpau --post=tvtime:method=use_vo_driver"
> In the mean time, I have seen some patches floating on german speaking
> forums on how to get cropping feature to work with vdpau.
> http://vdr-portal.de/board/thread.php?threadid=86804 Does seem to give
> the impression that it is doable. But I'm having trouble translating
> that into.. well meaning full non-german speaking end-user noob.
> Is there anybody that could explain where these patches fit in?
> I use vdr-xineliboutput, pulled in from cvs and tried to apply the
> patch   xineliboutput-1.0.4-vdpau-support-v8.diff and failed. perhaps
> command line incorrect? any examples?
> I don't know how to patch xine-lib either, Gentoo pulls in
> xine-lib-1.2 from http://hg.debian.org/hg/xine-lib/xine-lib-1.2/
> The first line in the diff file for xine-lib is for vdr.h, which I
> cannot find. The find utility only returns
> ./xine-lib-1.2/.hg/store/data/include/xine/input__vdr.h.i
> ./xine-lib-1.2/.hg/store/data/include/xine/vdr.h.i
> ./xine-lib-1.2/.hg/store/data/src/vdr/combined__vdr.h.i
> ./xine-lib-1.2/.hg/store/data/src/vdr/input__vdr.h.i
> ./xine-lib-1.2/.hg/store/data/src/vdr/post__vdr.h.i
> So I'm stuck, any other Gentoo users here that got those patches working?
> Thanks,
> Theunis

I managed to get xine-lib-1.2 patched with xine-lib-1.2-vdpau-r284.diff.bz2
There is an overlay called otih, which contained the ebuild
renaming that ebuild to xine-lib-1.2.9999_p284.ebuild, pulled in the
xine-lib-1.2-vdpau-r284.diff.bz2 from

This seemed to have done the job patching xine-lib it self.

I am still confused to where xineliboutput-cvs-20091013-vdpau-extensi
ons-v11.diff.gz goes. head -n3 returns this:

diff -Naurb -x '.[a-zA-Z#]*' -x debian -x CVS
xineliboutput-head-orig/Make.config xineliboutput-head/Make.config
--- xineliboutput-head-orig/Make.config 1970-01-01 00:00:00.000000000 +0000
+++ xineliboutput-head/Make.config 2009-06-29 13:25:52.000000000 +0000

I don't know of a xineliboutput-head package in gentoo, neither does
there exists a head on xineliboutput on sourceforge. So is this patch
debian specific?

Thanks for any help,

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