Theunis Potgieter wrote:
I reverted to older version of vdr-xineliboutput (20091013) where the
channel becomes garbage (green blocks) after a while when cropping is
enabled. I also see these green blocks when changing a channel. With
vdpau, when using streamdev-client with a bad wifi connection, vdpau
does not seem to get to correct it self gracefully like xxmc/xvmc+vlc
video output driver of xineliboutput. It becomes so bad that I have to
restart vdr-sxfe. vdpau doesn't seem to be production ready yet,
because I had it run for 18 hours and... well not in my opinion, I
will be reverting back to xxmc for now. This was all tested on SD

To use the advantages of vdpau you don't necessarily need xineliboutput, a lot of users have a better experience (especially stability) using the vdr-xine-plugin. Using the xine-post-plugins from xinelibout you have the best of both worlds and can use cropping in combination with xine-ui.

There is a very good (but german) howto here:
I guess most of the steps are self-explaining, if not just ask in this thread and I'm sure you'll also get help in english!

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