to upgrade. After the upgrade I had no sound at all on my system. As I saw, many others had this problem with Ubuntu 9.10. After a day and a half I managed to fix the sound (compiling alsa, etc), but the "TS continuity error" came back on vdr.

Is ubuntu using Pulse Audio volume control? In many cases I like pulse way of allowing to manage and switch between multiple sound cards inputs and outputs even application by application but at least with Mandriva the old configs have been lost couple of times and I have needed to run both the alsaconfig and pulseaudio config for my system to get things working fine.

I use spdif output and couple of times after system updates I have not had any sounds available. In those cases I have needed to:
1)alsamixer -c (--> unmute spdif output)
2)pulse-audio config (select spdif for default output channel instead of hdmi and check from the application view that apps running realized the config change. 3) check that my denon amplifier realized the config change by pressing "auto" button that forces it's to check both the digital and analog input...


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