On Thu, Nov 19, 2009 at 10:26 AM, Tommi Lundell <prel...@kapsi.fi> wrote:
>> 2) Patch only record current channel. It would be nice if i can select
>> channels from lists where buffers are active.
>> Example. i change channel and noticing that program what i want to look is
>> already running so i simply press "jump backward" button and start to look
>> program from beginning.
>> (2GB can keep about 100 minutes in buffers. If i select 5 different
>> channels that i got 20mins buffer in every channel)
> But point 2) is more complicated and my skills don't go even close what
> implementation needs.
> Is that even possible to implement directly into VDR or with patches?

To buffer any channel, a dvb device must be locked to the same sat &
transponder the channel is on.  If you want to always buffer 5
channels, and 4 of them are on different transponders, you would need
to have 5 dvb devices installed to watch live tv.  4 devices dedicated
to those transponders and 1 available to surf any channels of live tv.

I can't honestly see the benefit of this over just setting timers to
record your favorite shows.  It seems like a lot of work & hardware
for something that there are better solutions for imo.  Maybe you
watch an unusually large amount of tv without every checking the guide
for future shows that might interest you?  ;)

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