Couple of issues I reported earlier (see below) have now merged to 
1. Cropping is not reseted if I switch to 16:9 channel that has the same 
resolution as 4:3 channel that has turned on the cropping.
2. DVB subtitles are not positioned correctly during cropping if vdr-sxfe is 
used to show subtitles. Vertical alignment is about at half of the screen.

Are you using vdpau ?

Does the attached patch fix issue 2 ?

I am also having problems with the subtitle text size and position with vdr-1.7.10 and latest xineliboutputs. (and your patch did not help.)

With vdr-1.6.0, subtitles plugin and xineliboutput 1.0.4 things works ok.

If I watch vdr-sxfe just from a small window, the subtitle and text are positioned correctly with a good looking font size to bottom of the screen. But if I watch finish "yle 1" channel which uses dvb subtitles from fullscreen vdr-sxfe, the subtitle font is small and text is positioned about to middle of the screen. (Left position is correct)

Usually if I change from small window to fullsize, the first subtitle text is showed with good looking font size and position in the bottom-left position but next subtitle texts after that are positioned in the middle-left.


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