If I watch vdr-sxfe just from a small window, the subtitle and text are
 positioned correctly with a good looking font size to bottom of the
 screen. But if I watch finish "yle 1" channel which uses dvb subtitles
 from fullscreen vdr-sxfe, the subtitle font is small and text is
 positioned about to middle of the screen. (Left position is correct)

Have you tried to change the subtitles decoder from VDR to xine?

Anyway, the problem is that the resolution and position information of subtitles is 720x576. If your output resolution differs from that, the subtitles are misplaced. The attached patch might help you as it should scale the subtitles osd always to 720x576 (found it on my hd and it comes with "per?valotakuu" :) when using VDR's subtitles decoders.

Thanks, it seems that you do not even need to drive fast away with car's lights blinking, as the patch worked nicely and fonts seemed to scale nicely between fullscreen and small screen.

Hopefully this can be merged to xineliboutput repo.

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