2009/10/24 Helmut Auer <v...@helmutauer.de>:
> Hi
>> Overlay vdr-xine was used and then emerged xine-lib-1.2 to bring the
>> library up to speed. After that I pulled vdr-xineliboutput from cvs.
>> Compiled and it worked great especially deinterlacing! Only jaw
>> dropping experience there.
> For xine-lib you can try:
> http://www.htpc-forum.de/download/xine-lib.tgz
> This ebuild also contains the cropping patches, I also use it with my Gen2VDR 
> distri.
> xineliboutput is a bit more difficult, because the cvs is changing nearly 
> daily, so there is
> currently no patch available, but it should work without patches.
> Bye
> Helmut Auer

I tried yesterday's cvs build of vdr-xineliboutput and it did not work
at all. Going through the menu -> Setup -> plugins -> xineliboutput ->
video -> enabling crop feature does nothing to the display. Busy with
the 20091013 cvs patching, hope to report positive results.


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