I was in search for a plug-in that could map alternative long names to
the supposedly current long name of a channel. I guess I didn't search
hard and long enough, but could not find one that would implement this
behaviour. The idea is, that when ever a channel list is called, it
will provide the alternative long name, but saves the original long
name in channels.conf.

So I thought of implementing one my self. After reading the
PLUGINS.html from VDR-1.7.10, I thought it would be possible. I didn't
see any spoon feeding when it came to channels in the documentation,
so I thought I will have a look at channels.h and there seems to be a
member function called Name() in the tChannelID class. Would it be
wise then to copy the tChannelID class and replace the member function

Which global pointer will I have to deleted and assign to the new object?


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